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Online Seminar Series Details

Registration for the first six panels in the Womandla! Online Seminar Series is now available via Eventbrite. Please stay tuned for further updates about the schedule and registration for the final six panels.

For more information about the time and date of each panel, check out our Schedule. For details about each of the speakers and their papers, please check out Speakers, Titles, and Abstracts.

Please follow us on Twitter @Womandla2021 and join the discussion about each individual panel via #WomandlaSeminars. Also check the website regularly to keep up to date with all these details!

Travel Bursary Scheme

Since Womandla! Feminism and Social Movements in the Global South has transformed from a conference into an online seminar series, we remain committed to continuing our original Travel Bursary scheme for postgraduates, early career researchers, and independent scholars.


Therefore, thanks to the generous support of Third World Quarterly's Global South Colloquium Fund, the Institute Français d’Afrique du Sud – Recherche / French Institute of South Africa – Research, and the Social History Society's Grant for Conferences, Symposia, and Workshops, we are able to offer a financial contribution which will support the participation of postgraduates, early career researchers, and independent scholars in the Global South.

All previously notified recipients of travel bursaries who have elected to participate in the online seminar series will be awarded a financial contribution after attending at least two panel sessions, regardless of whether their postgraduate or early career researcher status has changed since July 2020.

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Womandla! cartoon: Black Sash Collection, BC 668: F, Manuscripts & Archives Department, University of Cape Town.

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